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Welcome to New House Nursery School

Every play experience is a learning
Nursery School

A picture perfect location

New House Nursery School is an informal private nursery school for 2-5 year olds, situated in the idyllic rural location of New House Lane, Canterbury.

We operate with a very strong ethos that each game and aspect of play is an important and valuable experience for the pre-school child.

We offer a choice of full time care 50 weeks of the year or, if you prefer, term time sessions are available too.

Nursery School

Child-specific learning

All of our activities are designed for each child to interact and participate but most importantly, our activities are tailor made for individual abilities, enabling each child to work at their own pace.

All of our rooms have a calm and relaxing atmosphere in which every child is offered a variety of activities, encouraging their confidence levels and well-being.

New House Nursery School is proud to be Quality Accredited by KQM and also boasts a 5 Star Rating for food hygiene.

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