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We are proud to be 5 star rated for food hygiene.

Freshly cooked meals, every day

At New House Nursery we understand the value of eating freshly prepared, healthy food every day. We know that a healthy meal feeds a healthy mind, perfect for a happy and active lifestyle.

Our menu is carefully selected to give your child the nutrients they need to stay fit, active and happy.

Autumn Term Menus

Lunch Menu
Week Beginning 2/9, 23/9/ 14/10, 11/11 & 2/12 9/9, 30/9, 21/10, 18/11 & 9/12 16/9, 7/10, 4/11, 25/11 & 16/11

Fish Cakes served with Mixed Vegetables

Stewed Apple and Custard

 Creamy Tuna Pasta served with Green Beans

Mixed Berries and Ice Cream

Sausage, Mash & Beans

Pineapple Upsidedown Cake


Sausage Hot Pot served with Mashed Potato

Barbara's Banana Cake

Shepherd's Pie, Broad Beans and Carrots

Jam Tart and Custard

Crispy Vegetable Gratin served with Boiled Potatoes

Apple and Blueberry Oaty Crumble and Custard


Italian Tomato and Basil Pasta Twists

Mandarin Flan

Chicken Casserole served with Rice

Banana Custard

Minced Beef Pie served with a Carrot & Swede Crush & Potatoes

Tinned Peaches


Morrocan Minced Lamb served with Couscous and Green Beans

Tropical Fruit Salad

Sausage Meat Plait, Boiled Potatoes and Baked Beans

Tinned Pears

Spaghetti Bolognese

Rice Pudding


Salmon and Broccoli Pie, Boiled Potatoes, Peas and Baby Corns

Apricot Crumble and Custard

Fish Fingers, Mash, Peas and Sweetcorn

Apple Pie And Custard

Creamy Fish Pie served with Mixed Vegetables

Treacle Tart & Custard

Please note:All vegetarians will be offered a vegetarian equivalent of the meal.

Tea Menu
Week Beginning 2/9, 23/9, 14/10, 11/11 & 2/12 9/9, 30/9, 21/10, 18/11 & 9/12 16/9, 7/10, 4/11, 25/11 & 16/12
Monday Turkey Granary Rolls served with Cucumber Warm Sausage Rolls served with Baked Beans A selection of Cheese and Marmite Sandwiches with Pepper Slices
Tuesday Baked Beans on Toast Tomato Soup and Rolls Cheese and Tomato Pizza Slices served with Carrot Sticks
Wednesday Vegetable Soup and Rolls Hot Buttered Crumpets A selection of Dairylea and Salami Sandwiches with Cucumber
Thursday Cheese on Toast with Tomato Wedges A selection of Ham and Cheese Wraps with Pepper Slices Chicken Soup and Rolls
Friday A selection of Jam and Honey Sandwiches with Raisins Spaghetti Hoops on Toast Cheesey Toasted Muffins served with Cherry Tomatoes

Please note:All tea listed on the Menu is followed by fresh fruit and a dessert.

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5 Star Rating
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