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Autumn Term 2013 Newsletter 1

A warm welcome back after the summer break – for those we haven’t seen, I hope you have enjoyed a restful break.

Well what a fantastic British Summer we have had! The sunshine has been very welcome and very much enjoyed here at New House where we have seen many children enjoying a variety of themes and activities ranging from The Emergency Services, The Seaside, favourite books The Little Red Hen and the Gruffalo, finishing off with The Farm!  

Amongst all that we have enjoyed the use of the paddling pool almost every day, so much so that the children now regard it with far less enthusiasm than at the start of the holidays – unheard of ever before!! 

Our planters yielded a small crop of vegetables this year and the children have enjoyed courgettes, runner beans, potatoes and rhubarb for lunch as a result; we have many green tomatoes which I am hoping will still ripen up. 

Six weeks has flown by and I can’t believe we are already into September heading towards the shorter, cooler days of Autumn, however there will be lots happening in the term ahead and here is the first of many newsletters that will come your way this term.

I would like to start with a few reminders:

1.    NOTICE OF WITHDRAWAL: Should your child be leaving at the end of this term I should already have received written notice of his/her withdrawal as per our Terms and Conditions. If you have not yet done this please do so by the end of this week.  Please note: NOTICE OF WITHDRAWAL WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED ANY LATER THAN FRIDAY 6th SEPTEMBER, FAILURE TO DO SO WILL LEAVE YOU LIABLE FOR JANUARY’S FEES
2. A terms notice is also required should you wish to decrease your child’s attendance. 
3.    Fees:All new parents will find an invoice for the outstanding amount due in their child’s tray this week. Any other parents who have not yet paid this term’s fees should please do so by the end of this week. In the event of experiencing any difficulties with payment please speak to me directly. Prompt payment is appreciated and I thank you for your co-operation. Please Note: Fees are subject to review every September and this year’s fees have increased slightly BUT this term is also fifteen weeks long (the longest in the academic year) and Early Years Funding is only available for fourteen weeks, so those of you who have been trying to work out your invoice this is probably why it doesn’t add up!!
4.    Children’s belongings:Please ensure you name all removable clothing items including shoes. Boot bags should be used purely for boots and all spare clothes/nappies should be kept in a separate named bag. Parents of existing children should check that wellingtons still fit!!
5.    Date for your diary:The Christmas Play (already!!) will be on Wednesday 18th and Thursday 19th Dec with the performances starting at approx 11.00am. This applies to the Goslings and Cygnets only.
6.    Parking:This is usually classified as a moan rather than a reminder however I am trying to start the term on a positive note! I would like to request that all parents park courteously on the drive and legally on the road and that able bodied parents leave the drive free for less able parents and those with young babies. Please do not park on the grass under any circumstances and never park blocking the flow of the drive. The drive should be entered from Hollow Lane side and exited from the Chartham Downs side. I thank you in advance for you co-operation.

Staff:I can confirm that after eight years Marie has resigned to pursue other challenges therefore the teams are as follows:

Ducklings – The room will be led and overseen by me (Miss Jane) with Emma, Jayne and Louise. 

Goslings – Laura and Sue until we recruit a replacement for Marie. 

Cygnets – Mrs Stevens Wed, Thurs and Fridays with Jo and Becky. In Mrs Stevens’ absence I will also oversee the leadership of the Cygnets on a Monday and Tuesday.  

Having two of any name in one setting is always confusing but having two Jane’s/Jayne’s well, that’s probably too much for anyone, especially in one room!!!

Chloe doesn’t start college just yet so she is still helping out wherever the extra pair of hands are needed over the next few days! I will be recruiting for a new full time Deputy, however I do not expect this to happen overnight as it is my intention to find the perfect Brenda replacement – however I fear I might be setting my sights a little too high!!  In the meantime Mrs Stevens remains Deputy in my absence.   

Brenda:  I am thrilled to report that Brenda is now feeling and looking a whole lot healthier after undergoing major hear surgery back in June. As you will be aware she has taken the decision to retire and now that she is feeling fitter, it is my intention to hold a farewell/retirement tea party at the Nursery in the next few weeks to give Brenda the send off she deserves at the end of a very long career– look out for further details soon.

Themes:  We will be covering ‘Ourselves’ for the first six weeks. 

Please Note: we will not be doing either a letter sound or colour for the first week of term. The letter sounds for the Goslings and Cygnets will be S, A, T, I and P starting w/c 9th September. Duckling’s parents will receive information about the colour of the week separately. Please refer to your child’s individual ‘medium term’ class plans to find out more about what they will be doing. Child participation with the letter sound and colour of the week is greatly appreciated.

Extra Curricular Activities:Here at New House we offer a wide variety of activities through our curriculum but in addition we also offer Dancing/Ballet as an ‘extra curricular’ activity.  Dancing/Ballet is on a Thursday morning and is available to all children regardless of age. The class needs a minimum of ten children to make it viable to run it so please let me know if you are interested in signing your child up.  Thank you.

Water Bottles:You will probably have noticed on your invoice a charge of £4 for a ‘water bottle’. This is because we have decided to replace the water dispensers with individual water bottles. Each child will have their own water bottle which we have named and will be made available each session to allow the children to drink water, without spillage, throughout the session. I feel the water bottles will have many advantages including encouraging the younger children in the Ducklings group to drink more throughout the day and access to drinks in the garden far easier. New parents will be charged for this together with their smock, hat and boot bag. 

21st Century:  Many of you will be very well aware that I am a true ‘technophobe’ (although probably second to Mrs Stevens!) however this summer I have invested time in sorting out a website which will be going ‘live’ in the near future!! I will keep you posted and I will welcome any parental feedback and any suggestions that you may think would be useful to have on the website.  Watch this space!!  

HealthWe are now entering that lovely time of year where runny noses and colds become second nature. If your child develops a runny nose/cold but is fine within themselves and not showing any signs/symptoms of being ill they may attend the Nursery.  However, as part of our commitment to our Health and Safety policy and our effort to safeguard the well being of all children, we have to request that children who are running temperatures are kept at home until a constant normal temperature is being maintained.  CHILDREN SHOULD NOT BE ADMINISTERED CALPOL AND THEN SENT INTO NURSERY IN THE HOPE THAT THEY WILL BE OK.
Temperatures are often an indication of an underlying illness and should be monitored and treated accordingly – any child sent in with a temperature or who develops one during the course of the day will be sent home. Likewise if your child should experience vomiting and/or diarrhea they should be kept at home until they have had a MINIMUM 24 hour clear period where they haven’t experienced either symptom and have resumed a normal diet. Thank you for your co-operation in this important matter. 

Environmental Health: The environmental Health Officer paid a visit during the summer break and I am pleased to say we have retained our 5 Score Rating – this is the highest level of achievement.

Holiday School:Holiday School forms for the October half term period will be available in the entrance later this week. Please help yourself and return to me as soon as possible.

I think that’s enough for the first newsletter; in an attempt to keep subsequent newsletters shorter, I often post information on the notice boards so please keep an eye on the boards in the corridor and outside and for any letters posted on the entrance doors. If you don’t read the notice boards you will be subjected (by way of punishment) to lengthier newsletters!!!!  Should you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact me, otherwise I look forward to getting to know the new Ducklings, Goslings and Cygnets and welcoming back those children we haven’t seen for a few weeks!

Warm regards
Nursery School

Autumn Term 2013 Newsletter No 2

Dear Parents

Term is now well under way and all the new children are settling in well enjoying the vast choice of activities and opportunities available to them throughout their sessions. Well done to all those mummy’s and daddy’s who have had to endure the pain of separating with a ‘noisy one’ - you all deserve a pat on the back for coping so well in those early days. I have especially enjoyed getting to know the Ducklings who I am working with who have responded well to the routine of the room. Keep an eye out for photos being displayed on the screen in the entrance to catch a glimpse of some of their fun!!!!

Ofsted: Our long awaited Ofsted Inspection finally took place on Wednesday 25th September. As soon as our report is published I will be able to share our outcome with you – hopefully not much longer to wait!

Brenda’s Farewell: Well what a fantastic send off we were finally able to give Brenda after her retirement earlier this year. Thankfully she was totally unaware of the party being in honour of her, falling entirely for my “come to our website launch” party!!!!! It was only when she reached the garden and I confessed did she realise that the wonderful gathering was to say thank you and goodbye from so many people at New House – you may have already seen the photo and write up in this week’s Gazette. Further photos are available for viewing and purchasing on the Kentish Gazette’s website.

Themes: For the next six weeks we are learning about Autumn incorporating our Harvest Sale (w/c 14th Oct!). A separate letter outlining the Harvest Sale is on the back of this newsletter. I thank you in advance for your generous contributions. During this theme we will also be using a variety of natural materials i.e. conkers, acorns, fir cones, logs, oats, wheat, grain etc. and any contributions of such items will be greatly welcomed. Please refer to your child’s Medium Term Plan for information about what the children will be covering over the next six weeks including the colours and letter sounds of the week.

Website: I am thrilled to announce that our website is now ‘live’ and in fact you could be reading this very newsletter on it!!! Get me getting all ‘tech’!!! Please do visit the website and let me know your thoughts, your feedback will be appreciated, and all joking aside all newsletters will be posted on the website for you to access. Eventually paper newsletters will become a thing of the past and you will be actively encouraged to use the website for this info.

Half Term: Holiday School forms are in the entrance for the Half Term break W/C 28th October – please return your completed form ASAP if you require care for this week; I would strongly recommend some kind of attendance for those children who are only just starting to settle, a week off can really set them back.

New Parent Questionnaires: These will be issued in the next week or so to all new parents. Please take time to complete it as it provides us with feedback about any changes we may be able to make to improve our service to you. Thank you.

Finally……….. I am away from the Nursery the week commencing the 7th October so Emma, Louise, Chloe and Valerie will be in charge of the Ducklings in my absence and Mrs Stevens has overall responsibility of the day to day running of the Nursery. Please direct any questions or queries to Mrs Stevens in my absence. I think that’s enough to be going on with but please remember to support our HARVEST SALE, its all for a very good cause.

Many thanks,  

To speak to us about your child joining our nursery

Please call
01227 765 413
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